Confused about Health?: Try the Primal Health Lifestyle

So, if you’re like me, you’re very confused about what is good for you and what is bad for you, health wise.  I mean, one minute you hear that eggs are bad for you, then you hear they are absolutely great for you.  Stop eating bacon or you’ll have a heart attack, then, it’s ok to eat bacon in moderation.  So which is it?? I set out to learn more about nutrition some time ago because I was tired of being confused.  It’s been a long road, but I think I’ve found the way to clear things up.  You see, when claims are flying that this is good or that is bad, the claims aren’t addressing the root issue.  Claims for eggs, bacon, alcohol, bread, whole-wheat, etc. are like little advertisements being pushed by salesmen.  Rather than letting these salesmen (government, pharmaceuticals, unions) push their advertisements down your throat, get to the source.  Your body.  What does your body need? How does your body function? What effects do certain things have on your body?  Its the body that will always tell you the truth.  So, the more you know about your body and it how it functions, the easier it is to recognize the truth about food and health claims.

A great place to get started is over at Mark’s Daily Apple.  He is one of the foremost experts on Primal Health and does a great job of presenting the truth backed by an exhaustive amount of research.

I plan to include my favorite MDA articles here on this blog as well.

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