ExOfficio: The best underwear in the world!

Yes, this post is about underwear.  The best underwear in the world.  They are made by ExOfficio, a high end expedition gear company.  They specialize in producing gear for the most demanding outdoor enthusiasts and stop at nothing to make sure their gear is the best, right down to underwear.  They are the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn, hands down.  They are snug, providing the right support in the right places, without being too tight.  After a 1.5 years of use, the elastic and support of the underwear have shown no degradation.  They are lightweight, made of a moisture wicking material, and have built-in anti-bacterial properties (micro-filament silver) to fight odor.  They air dry in about 4 hours (quicker if laid in the sun) so you can wash them at the end of the day and be ready to go the next morning.  They come in breifs, boxers, and boxer briefs in various colors.  They do carry a hefty price tag at around $25 per pair.  But, I’ve read reviews of people that claimed to have had them for 6-8 years.  I wear the boxer briefs and can’t praise them enough.  You can’t go wrong with these underwear. They literally are the best underwear in the world!!

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3 Responses to ExOfficio: The best underwear in the world!

  1. I think the best underwear is http://12briefsandpainting.wordpress.com/. They are only in one sample.

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