Vibram Five Fingers: A Review

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So I’ve been wearing Vibram Five Fingers for about the last two months now and absolutely love them.  They are the most comfortable ‘shoes’ that I’ve ever worn and sport many other benefits as well.  They give you a feel of the terrain like no other shoe I’ve ever worn which is a new experience all together.  Unlike other shoes, VFF’s allow movement of each and every joint throughout your foot to include each toe individually.  With this comes the strengthening of all of your foot, leg, and even back muscles, the way they were designed.  They provide no artificial support which promotes muscle strengthening and allows your feet legs and spine to align naturally.  I walk in mine nearly everyday, and run sprints in them once every 7-10 days.  I have noticed a tremendous difference in the way I walk and level of stability when barefooted or wearing the VFF.  I no longer have knee pain when I walk or run; I attribute this to proper alignment.  I have nothing but praise when it comes to recommending Vibram Five Fingers.  

Suggestions: Start out slow when first using VFF.  Your joints are used to so much support that if you overdo it initially you could possibly injure yourself.  The best thing to do is gradually increase the amount of time that you wear them.  Also, start out walking in them rather than running, for the same reason mentioned above.

Also of note, you will experience soreness in your toes caused by them being separated by the design of the shoes.  I equate this to the soreness people experience with braces.  It does subside once your toes become used to not being crammed on top of each other and stretch out to the proper spacing.  In my case, it took about 2 weeks of wearing them for about an hour per day to get used to them and for the soreness to subside.

Check out the “Comparative Study of the Feet of Barefooted and Shoe Wearing Peoples”

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