Doctors are legal drug dealers; Big Pharma is just a pimp

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So to start out, I don’t think all doctors fall into this scenario, but many do.  It is my opinion that doctors are simply drug dealers and big pharmaceuticals are just pimps pushing the drugs.  Doctors don’t want to actually cure your problem at the root, they simply want to treat the symptoms of an underlying issue.  This way, you must come back time and time again all the while paying for each doctor visit.  The ideal scenario would be that you go to a doctor, they figure out the root problem and fix it.  This is, however, ideal for you the patient.  From the doctor’s perspective this is cutting off a source of income.  So where does big pharma fit into all of this? They push the drugs that keep people hooked and coming back to the doctors.  The patient is being sold on the idea that these drugs are the cure, but what motivation does big pharma have to cure people?  The same motivation as the doctors. None!  Because that too would dry up a source of income. So what we end up with is a system of drug suppliers that have no interest in actually curing ailments because they couldn’t sell as many drugs, doctors who don’t really want to cure patients because they could no longer charge them for visits, and patients that have been tricked into believing that its a privilege to be part of such a system.

Thomas Edison once stated, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

In other words, they would become smart enough to know that medicines only treat symptoms while the core of good health is self-preservation, diet, and education.  It is obvious that Thomas Edison was wrong.  I don’t believe his thinking is wrong, I think it is spot on.  He was wrong in his prediction of the future.  He didn’t foresee the multi-billion dollar per year drug industry drawing the doctors away from what they should be focusing on.  Patients.

Look at some of the drugs out there today that are being pushed upon the American public.  Listen to some of the side effects.  Look at the addictions that are created.  It is getting out of control, in my opinion, and has no end in site.  It seems that if you aren’t taking some kind of medication these days you’re in the minority.  Kids can’t be energetic anymore or they’ll be diagnosed with ADHD.  You can’t get sad any more or you’ll be diagnosed with depression.  If your blood pressure is high, here take some medicine.  Anxiety, here’s some pills.  Headache, pills;  indigestion, pills; gas, pills……and on and on.

I’m not saying that the above mentioned aren’t true problems that people deal with.  But, are pills with dangerous side effects or that are habit forming really the answer?  Maybe kids are just energetic and have short attention spans because…..they’re kids. Gasp!  Or is it so crazy that people sometimes do get depressed and they actually have to deal with it?  High blood pressure, change your diet and exercise.  Anxiety, find a hobby, talk with someone, counseling, etc.  Headache, drink some water and lay down.  Indigestion or gas, definitely change your diet. 🙂

My point is that so many times we are quick to take a pill to solve our problems.  Doctors are quick to prescribe them and pharma definitely wants you to take them.  Think about addressing the root cause rather than treating the symptoms.  Thomas Edison was right on in his statement and would have been correct about his prediction of future doctors had the doctors of the future really wanted to cure people.  If that were the case, would there even be a Big Pharma?

Remember: self-preservation, diet (to include exercise), and education.  I would venture to say that those few things alone would cure nearly any ailment you have.  Or, I could just be crazy and need to be on meds!

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