Stressed Out-It could shorten your life…

So, stress can be good thing or a bad thing.  Sometimes it’s self imposed while other times it’s external to our control.  But if not dealt with properly, stress can consume you and lead to weight gain, premature aging, as well as have many other negative effects.  Some of the things that I do to help control my stress levels are exercise regularly, eat properly, and talk to trusted friends.  Something I’ve gotten better at doing is breaking away from work or a stressful situation in order to ‘walk it off’.  I’ve found that this prevents the build up of stress/anger and usually clears my head so that I can finish the day.  As little as 10-20 minutes can do the trick.  Sometimes I think solely about the issue and think my way through the problem, other times I’ll focus on everything but the issue just to get my mind off of it.  It doesn’t seem to matter what method I use, just the fact that I take a breather seems to be the key.  Stress is something that we all experience day in and day out, it’s how we deal with it that really matters.

Dealing with stress is easier said than done, but it is worth the constant effort to alleviate as much stress as possible.  The benefits are numerous: weight loss, increased longevity, decreased risk of health problems, and not to mention that people will enjoy being around you more.

A great article about stress, what causes it, how your body reacts to it, and how to deal with it can be found at Mark’s Daily

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