Mexico’s Most Beautiful Stretch of Coast-International Living

One of the prettiest stretches of coast on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is the Costa Maya. This lies on the Caribbean and runs roughly from the Belize border north to the little town of Mahahual. On the Costa Maya the waters are turquoise, the beaches are fine white sand, and you find some of the best snorkeling and diving around.

In fact, if you’re a water sports fanatic this area is near heaven. Swimming, kayaking, fishing, and nearly every other sport that you can do in or on the water is possible here. But don’t expect a posh resort area. The Costa Maya is still blissfully off the beaten path, and life here is all about the beach.

Most of the area is “off the grid”—without public water or electricity lines. You won’t find high-end restaurants, name-brand stores, or much shopping beyond the basics. There are relatively few hotels. And the only town of any size is Mahahual, with a population of a few hundred people.

This life seems to suit the expats who have settled here. Many are adventure lovers: outdoor types or those who seek the independence and quiet of a life in this part of the Mundo Maya. (It means “Maya World” and describes a wide swath in Mexico, Belize, and other countries that once were the Maya kingdoms.)

But I have wondered how the Costa Maya may change as expats and investors look beyond the Riviera Maya at this southern piece of coast.

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