Healthcare Reform: A Huge Misdiagnosis

This week marked six months since Congress passed the healthcare reform bill in what has become all-too-typical legislative chicanery.  Those in power crafted a mammoth piece of legislation and rammed it through Congress under a dire sense of emergency.  Insisting on time enough to read the bill was dismissed as dangerous and crazy in a time of crisis.  We were told that if we really wanted to see what was in the bill, we would have to pass it first.  I cannot imagine the founding fathers intended for Congress to legislate in this manner.  I would think if a Member is not absolutely certain the entire legislation meets Constitutional muster, the default vote should be “no” in accordance with our oath of office.

But now that Congress has had six months to read the new law, there is a significant amount of buyer’s remorse on Capitol Hill.  The more constituents learn about the law, the more angry they become.  60% of Americans are now said to be in favor of repealing the entire thing.  Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to repeal a law than to pass a bill.

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via Healthcare Reform: A Huge Misdiagnosis.

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