“Revolution” in Ecuador—Facts From the Ground – International Living

by Lee Harrison

I saw the “revolution” news from Ecuador last Friday morning, October 1st. CNN’s coverage started off in typical fashion with these words: “Ecuador’s government appeared teetering on the verge of collapse Thursday…”

I read about how Ecuador’s president had recently been kidnapped and held hostage during a coup that was in progress.

In fact, this wasn’t the case…although admittedly, there were conflicting accounts at the time.

As it turns out, the president was not kidnapped by police…there was no coup attempt…and in fact, it was not even a centrally-organized protest, but rather a “take to the streets” reaction to an unpopular new law.

It was pretty much “business as usual” by Sunday morning.

Here’s what happened at the end of last week, when the U.S.-educated president’s confrontational style landed him in a dangerous situation.

As part of an austerity program to control the budget, President Correa was pushing through a new law that changes the compensation structure for public employees, including the national police department. This unpopular law inspired a widespread protest among the police, who took control of many of their barracks around the country. The high command of both the police and military remained in support of the president.

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