Never Pay U.S. Taxes Again – Legally ~ By Robert E. Bauman

Expatriation: It’s been called “the ultimate estate plan” and it’s a legal, step-by-step process that can lead to the legal right for you to stop paying U.S. or other national income taxes—forever.

In sum, it requires professional consultations, careful planning, movement of assets offshore and acquisition of a second nationality. When all that’s done (and done exactly right), you must leave behind your home country and become a “tax exile” with an established domicile in a low or no-tax jurisdiction. And, for U.S. citizens, this unusual plan requires, as a final step toward tax freedom, the formal relinquishment of citizenship.

A drastic plan? You bet. And in truth, there are many other perfectly suitable offshore strategies that The Sovereign Society recommends that can result in significant tax savings. These include international life insurance policies (TSI 1/02)5  and offshore investments made through retirement plans (TSI 7/03).6 But for U.S. citizens and long-term residents who seek a permanent and completely legal way to stop paying all U.S. taxes, expatriation is the only option.

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via Never Pay U.S. Taxes Again – Legally ~ By Robert E. Bauman.

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