– Is Now a Good Time to Buy?

Nobody wants to miss out on a great investment, it’s human nature. Yet, time and time again at we see investors rush in as prices climb, only to regret their investment decisions a few days later when a short-term price pullback ensues.

To make matters worse, some overzealous investors start to feel down in the dumps.  Some even think their purchase was a bad decision now that the paper prices of silver and gold have recently dropped.  Worse of all, they may even ponder the poor idea of selling!

When one combines irrationality and reactionary decision making, chances for investment success are near zero.

At we have learned to think differently and, more importantly, we teach our customers how to as well.

We learn the fundamentals, we plan for our investments, and we don’t let day-to-day price fluctuations steer us off course.

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via – Is Now a Good Time to Buy?.

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