Cholesterol Decoded

So, it seems like the cholesterol number and the mystery behind it gets thrown around a lot lately and is sometimes used as a scare tactic to steer you from certain foods and towards others.  Once you understand what cholesterol is, how it is computed, and what it all means for you, you’ll never be bullied around again.  Oh, and you’ll probably know more about your cholesterol numbers than your doctor!

I recently started eating a primal diet and after some blood work I was told by my doctor that my cholesterol was too high and that I should pursue a low-fat diet.  After running some numbers and coming up with some ratios (as described in the link I’m about to provide) I realized that my cholesterol was just fine (actually way better than average), and that this doctor knew absolutely nothing about cholesterol other than reading the “Total” cholesterol number.  As you’ll find out, “Total Cholesterol” isn’t the total story.  Click the link below for an insightful look at cholesterol…..

Mark’s Daily Apple Cholesterol Analysis

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