Gold is on the move as the economy continues to crumble.  Don’t be fooled by the occasional up swing of the stock market, even a snake still squirms after it’s head has been cut off.  The economy is fundamentally unstable and rightly so with the way our elected politicians are running the show (or not running it).  It such questionable times, turn to investments of ACTUAL value. I’m talking about commodities.  Gold, silver, oil, and wheat are just a few examples.  It would be better to be holding on to something of REAL value, rather than a piece of paper, when the real fall comes (and it is coming).  I am buying gold, silver, oil, and natural gas as quickly as I can get a hold of it.  This is the decade of gold and commodities in general.  A big transfer of wealth is coming, make sure you’re on the receiving end!!

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