The Warning Signs of Economic Collapse

Below is the closing statement that was a part of the Graceland Update for Nov 4 2011.  I feel that it is important for people to realize that no matter where you store your wealth in the coming days, everything is going to be a bit scary.  The point that Stuart is trying to make here is that even gold and gold stocks will likely be hit.  But what would you rather be holding during the crisis, gold or paper currency?  Although gold and silver may be the best way to prepare for a coming currency collapse, mental preparation for wild price movements are just as important as buying the gold and silver in the first place.  Hopefully, the economy doesn’t digress to such horrible places, but it never hurts to be ready for the worst.  Excerpt from Graceland Updates:

  1. Gridtime. If I had to guess, the next “2008 again” will be caused by the first major selling wave that hits the bond markets. There is likely to be widespread institutional belief, and massive propaganda from the banksters, that rising rates spell doom for gold. Massive doom. Not little doom. In the long term, they will be wrong. But when it first happens, their liquidity flows could ravage gold and gold stocks. You’ll be 50,000 times more afraid than you were in 2008. Steel yourself today, for what you can’t predict tomorrow, because it’s coming. As I send this off, the silver pennant has blown apart. Well, place your buys and press the off button for awhile on your quote screen. You can set alarms that email you when certain prices are hit, so you can come back to party time. Step up the emotional preparations for the whipsaw zone, or you won’t make it thru there financially alive. Spend more time looking at the quote machine when price is up, and very little when it is down. If you like….WINNING.




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