Khan Academy–The Future of Education

The Khan Academy is what may very well be the future of education.  Founded by Salman Khan, a graduate of MIT, the website currently touts 2600+ educational videos, hosted on YouTube, ranging from basic arithmetic to more advanced studies like physics, chemistry, and finance.  The website has broken the mold in its approach to education.  The lessons are geared toward practicality and usefulness.  You will find that many lessons are geared toward real life and are the kinds of things never broached in public education.  For example, there is a lesson on Renting vs. Buying a home where the student is walked through a logical approach for making one of the biggest decisions in life.  You can also find lessons on topics such as payday loans, financial statements, how credit works, currency, mutual funds, inflation, stocks vs. bonds, and a plethora of other topics.  What is truly amazing is that all of this is available for FREE!  Browse the Khan Academy site and I can almost guarantee that you will find a lesson on a topic that you have either always wondered about or have an interest in.  The Khan Academy approach to education is quite possibly the future of education.  Visit Khan Academy by clicking here.

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