Modern Survival Blog – Surviving Uncertain Times

The scenario: You want to get a few ideas of how you would handle ‘tough times’ for a year, if it were upon you. What should you do now, while things are relatively good, to prepare for tough times? First, let’s make a few assumptions…

Assumptions: You already have the basic needs and supplies that you need for day-to-day living, based on where you already live. In this case, our definition of ‘tough times’ will be mostly economic, e.g. someone has lost their job and money is tight (tighter), or perhaps you still have a job, but prices have been going out of control and there is turmoil (social and financial) in the streets.


The primary mode of operation during tough times is that of FRUGALITY. Actually, the time leading up to tough times should also be lived in frugality so as to enable acquiring more supplies.

Being frugal is a way of life. It is a thought process that occurs naturally whenever you are thinking about product purchases, or uses for existing or new supplies. Many people that are currently financially ‘wealthy’ are frugal themselves, and you might never know that they are ‘well off’. This is how they got there… IT WORKS. It all adds up.

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4 Responses to Modern Survival Blog – Surviving Uncertain Times

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  2. Task Tasker says:

    You are right ,hard times are not nice .Investing in small amounts of silver is a good hedge against hard times.Silver is a tangible asset with a long history ,if the system fails silver will not.
    What do you think

    • straydog01 says:

      Silver is my favorite investment right now. I also buy gold and own oil wells, but silver is still my go to store of wealth. I just think it has a lot of upside potential compared to the other investments right now. I have a great place to set up an automatic investment plan in PHYSICAL silver if you’re interested. Just let me know…I’ve been with them for over a year and I haven’t found a place that can beat them. Take care and keep on investing!

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