Sprott: “This Decade Will Be the Decade of Silver”

Contrarian investor Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management, who, among other things, manages some of the largest precious metals exchange traded funds backed by actual physical gold and silver, says gold may have seen unprecedented growth over the last ten years, but silver is the investment of the next decade.

Since Eric Sprott is well respected in alternative wealth preservation investment management and often sits well outside of traditional economic and financial advisory circles, and the fact that he has been right so far, we recommend you pay attention to and consider his most recent views on atypical investment vehicles.

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via Sprott: “This Decade Will Be the Decade of Silver”.

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3 Responses to Sprott: “This Decade Will Be the Decade of Silver”

  1. The problem is: Will Silver (or Gold, or any investment at this point) be able to outpace inflation? With the tripling of the money supply, and inflation on the rise, one can argue that when inflation hits 5-7%, the stock market is going to take a major hit as people pull their money out and place it into safer havens like Gold/Silver.

    This will, of course, cause Gold and Silver prices to rise. But if inflation edges up to the 10% range, we are looking at total world economic collapse, and Gold may be the only thing left (with Silver to some degree) people use for currency. Since Gold has always enjoyed this ‘safe haven’ status historically, and Silver has a industrial component that will take a big hit when a lot of industry goes belly-up if a total economic armageddon occurs, I would argue that Gold is going to see a long run up whereas Silver isn’t going to perform as well. Of course, it will still have value, but the better and safer bet is on Gold which is used almost exclusively as a store of value during tough economic times.

    Here’s an interesting article on this: http://www.prlog.org/11726093-is-the-dollar-collapsing-economic-armageddon-survival-guide.html

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