I Want Cheap Gold and Silver

As this website will prove, I am very bullish on silver and gold over the long term.  I always post articles about the upside potential, why to invest, ways to invest, etc.  Based on all of this, one would expect that I would want gold and silver prices to continue to go up.  Over the long term, that’s exactly what I want.  But my short term desires are a little different.

In the short term, I am constantly hoping the silver and gold prices go lower.  Why?  Because it is basically like your favorite item going on sale!  When gold and silver is on sale I get more ounces per dollar and can build my holdings quicker.  I have the mindset of building wealth in terms of ounces instead of dollars.

I don’t get scared when the price of silver and gold fall….I get ready to go shopping!  I buy silver and gold on a weekly basis regardless of the price, but when it goes on sale I make larger purchases in addition to my weekly purchases.

So it boils down to this:  I want the price of gold and silver to be as low as possible for as long as possible so that I have the opportunity to build my ounces up because I know the fundamentals are extremely strong for intermediate to long term growth in the metals sector.  Don’t be scared when the price goes down….stock up at discounted prices!

Note:  Right now I wait for about a $100 sale on gold and about a $3 sale on silver before I make my bigger purchases.  However, I am consistently buying both gold and silver on a weekly basis through Silver Saver.

Remember:  Ounces=Wealth


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5 Responses to I Want Cheap Gold and Silver

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  3. Gary says:

    Also of note: Gold mining operations produced approximately 2,500 metric tonnes of gold in 2010 (supply) while the WGC (World Gold Council) reports demand for gold for the third quarter at 1,053 metric tonnes (annualized, this is 4,200+ tonnes – demand), certainly a bullish situation. The full article is found at Gold Supply and Demand.

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  5. Sounds like a great approach. I’ve been doing the same. Keep spreading the word.

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