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“How can I prepare for an economic collapse?” is one of the most common questions I get. It usually takes me a second to start to explain how complex such a question is. It’s like asking an auto mechanic, “Say, how do you build a car?” or asking a computer engineer, “What’s all that stuff inside my laptop?”

I do have some first-hand experience in this matter, though. The economy in my country, Argentina, has gone through various crises, but none as large as when the economy collapsed in 2001 after a decade of apparent prosperity. The currency devaluated, and Argentina defaulted on its USD$132 billion debt, the largest default ever. The middle class took to the streets after bank accounts were frozen, and the president was forced to resign, escaping the presidential building in a helicopter.

What I’ll do is, provide five quick foundational steps, based on what I know, for you to follow so as to be better prepared if something like what happened in my country ever happens in yours.

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2 Responses to Preparing for Economic Collapse – Blogs at Chris Martenson

  1. You should add that not only should one buy gold bullion (or coins, which are not reportable), but that one should then take DELIVERY of that gold and store in a personal hidden vault. Having gold stored in a depository is risky since there really isn’t anything ironclad to prevent the company or the government from confiscating that gold you own but are having it held for you off-site.

    • straydog01 says:

      Exactly…Delivery is key but I do hold a certain amount in a depository for liquidity purposes (1-2 days converted back to cash in my bank account). You do want to make sure it is a private depository, that your holdings are PHYSICAL, and TITLED and ALLOCATED in your name. Also, make sure that the depository is insured as well. Nothing compares to having the PHYSICAL metal in your possession, however.

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