Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Hope everyone has a great holiday.  This is a time that we can all reflect back on the things for which we are thankful and remember just how blessed we are (even though I do my fair share of complaining).  🙂  I know that a lot of what I post on this site tends to focus on the negative things of the financial markets, politics, and world affairs, etc.  I think that the reason is because I honestly feel that people need to be prepared for the worst.  But in always focusing on the negative aspect it is easy to dismiss or forget the good things.  I plan to post some positive articles today for which most of us can be thankful.

Have a safe, blessed, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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4 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope you have a very enjoyable day with friends, family and food! 🙂

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