Daily Links 27 Nov 2011 — Post Americana

PostAmerican Daily Links

In an effort to reduce the number of individual posts on my blog, I have decided to incorporate a ‘daily update’ style post that will feature multiple links to news articles of interest.





Ron Paul’s Sincerity versus Newt Gingrich’s Hypocrisy

Bailouts and Austerity Measures Aren’t Working: Is This the Euro’s Last Stand?

Major Progress in Eliminating Mercury in Dentistry

Egyptian Revolution Enters New Phase As Thousands Brave Violence to Protest Military

Bill Buckler Presents The Four Horsemen Of The (Financial) Apocalypse

Crude, Coal, Carbon, and Natural Gas Fundamentals which are Surpassing Expectations

Governments Request “Contingency Planning for Extreme Scenarios Including Rioting and Social Unrest”

Congress to Vote Next Week on EXPLICITLY Creating a Police State

Starting A Fire With Just A Knife And What You Have On You

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