S.1867 the Department of Defense Authorization Act: It’s More Convoluted Than You Think « American Everyman

I wanted to post this article as a follow up to the article titled “Military can detain U.S. Citizens! NDAA 2012 “.  This article clarifies the difference between S.1253 and S.1867 and the amendments put in place.  As always, do your own due diligence when it comes to  news.



by Scott Creighton

Indefinitely detaining terror suspects in military facilities and prosecuting them via military tribunals: Let’s make one thing perfectly clear – according to the letter of the law and the language of S. 1867, this does not apply to US citizens

Understanding the Bill itself and the Debate that is taking shape –

Part A –  the bill

Right now there is a contentious debate quietly taking place in the halls of congress behind mahogany doors, armed guards, and the all too common concrete barricades erected after 9/11. The corporate media is doing their part by completely ignoring what is taking place regardless of the fact that the proposed legislation will have unprecedented constitutional implications no matter how it turns out.

At the heart of this debate lies several sections of  Senate Bill 1867, the Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (pdf) as proposed by Carl Levin (D. Mich). The sections under debate: namely Section 1031, 1032, 1033, and a few subsequent amendments which have been added in light of an ongoing internal debate between congress and the executive branch (Obama administration).

(Some dissident news sites are using the earlier version of the bill, S. 1235,  to drum up more fear mongering and thus page views and personal revenue for themselves. The earlier version of the bill is from June of this year and there have been many revisions since then. The link I provide above is to the current version of the bill (dated Nov. 14th and read into the senate record that day) and the link to the amendments are also the current amendments being discussed today on the floor of the senate. These same dissident sites also cite a letter from the ACLU to bolster credibility their credibility. However, that letter from the ACLU is dated July 1st, 2011 and many of the main issues they bring up have been addressed already.)

At issue in these sections is:

the determination that the United States is part of the battlefield in the ongoing (albeit fake) Global War on Terror

mandatory detention of terrorist suspects by the military

the process by which detainees like those at Gitmo are transferred to other countries (renditioned for purposes of interrogation, ect.)

Click the link below for the rest of the article….

via S. 1867 the Department of Defense Authorization Act: It’s More Convoluted Than You Think « American Everyman.

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3 Responses to S.1867 the Department of Defense Authorization Act: It’s More Convoluted Than You Think « American Everyman

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  2. straydog01 says:

    The fact still remains that the government is edging increasingly more towards a police state. As Ron Paul points out, the government is working towards being able to deem someone a terrorist, and when that happens you have no rights as a citizen anymore. The wording can be very deceiving in bills like this, and I’m still not sure that I am comfortable with what this bill spells out. More investigating is called for on this one….

  3. Without giving myself an Excedrin headache; (convoluted says enough) I concur.
    Noting your Jesus is Lord tab, there is almost NO prophecy left to fulfill prior to our redemption.
    Among the factors involved, our nat’l debt looms large. see: http://partneringwitheagles.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/national-debt-got-your-hip-waders/
    I do not expect the government to wake up and do what is necessary; if we don’t act within the next yr, the interest alone on this behemoth will make any effort short of HALF the revenue the gov’t takes in annually moot. As it stands, we’re close to not being able to ever rid ourselves of this monster.
    My statement of 400B per yr (approx 20% of the revenue taken in by the gov’t in 2010) taking twenty yrs to eliminate 8 T of the now 15 T was based on no interest involved.
    In prophecy, an international crisis would bring the Antichrist on scene.
    WATCH ISRAEL! There can be no peace, except a false one in the Middle East short of Christ setting up His kingdom on earth.

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