Welcome Former Herman Cain Supporters! | Ron Paul 2012 | Sound Money, Peace and Liberty

I know it seems very unfair how the media has been to your candidate. Lots of those allegations are coming out of Chicago, an Obama stronghold. It is strange.

And I know you are still taking a long look at Newt. Newt’s infidelity is known, or so people seem to think, so it seems a bit unfair that Cain’s issues are center stage while Newt’s get a pass by the Mainstream Media.

So thank you for visiting our site here, the Daily Paul. Remember, just like any household, there are lots of friendly people, lots of helpful people and lots of people who have not had their cup of coffee in the morning yet – if you know what I mean.

But this place has been a source of inspiration for us when our candidate has been ignored or disrespected by the MSM. This place has been a place where we all have come to learn some aspect of Ron Paul’s positions that we did not know before or were not comfortable with. One thing we have all realized is that you do not have to agree with Dr. Paul on each and every issue. No candidate is the perfect candidate. But what we all can agree on, and we all really really like, is that we have now 30 years of books, essays and videos of Dr Paul in action, so we know ahead of time where he stands. No flip flopping here. Moreover, we have come to realize that Doctor Paul is more than just a medical doctor, he is a doctor in Economics, or at least should have an honorary one from the Mises Economics Institute. His predictions are amazing. So check out all his old videos.

Best of all, this place has been a place where we ourselves can give ideas, take action to help the Ron Paul campaign. So welcome.

We commend you because many Republicans have been reluctant to rethink America’s foreign policy (think Glenn Beck or Bill O’Rielly or Sean Hanity) and it has been frustrating because they won’t allow the discussion to get too deep. So lots of Republicans, hearing those people, have had “reservations” about some of the things Ron Paul has said. But this is a place were you can learn without the “spin zone” that says the way its been is the way its got to be.

There is one thing you may not know. Ron Paul has written essays and books on the subject for over 30 years. Below is a link to a few of these things. You will discover that Ron Paul is for a DEFENSIVE foreign policy position, one that does not call for lots of military bases around the world. In this economic crunch, military spending like all other government spending has a lot of waste.

Feel free to read Ron Paul books here.

Also, feel free to ask us questions and get your answers from us. We all have self taught ourselves from videos, to documentaries, to books and essays. Lets us know you’ve just joined into the on going discussion. And together, lets beat Barack Obama in 2012!

Again, welcome to the Daily Paul.


via Welcome Former Herman Cain Supporters! | Ron Paul 2012 | Sound Money, Peace and Liberty.

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