American Preppers Network: Are we as prepared as we think we are?

Many times our imaginations and perceptions become larger than life, allowing our thought processes to exceed far beyond all reality and our own physical limitations. This could leave many who think they are well prepared really under-prepared.

Pipe Dream- an unrealistic hope or fantasy, although this term originated from the pipe dream allusions experienced by smokers of opium pipes. The phrase for prepping is very appropriate, as we listen to people’s plans of preparedness we often walk away thinking that guy is just pipe dreaming, or wondering what he has been smoking?

A good example of our imagination and perceptions; the solar power lights advertised on line and sold in stores. Many of us got suckered with them when they first come out and why not? They looked good in the marketing material; you could even visualize the amount of light that would pour out on your driveway or sidewalk. It’s not until you get home and start using them that you quickly realize they are nothing but a joke. They hardly throw enough light to even see your hand a foot away. What’s really scary is people are continuing to buy them even after they see how bad they work on other people’s homes.

A good example of our physical limitations; we have all dreamed about doing a project. We visualize ourselves, doing it, even having fun and completing it quickly, just another walk in the park in our minds, right? But when the time comes what we thought would be just a weekend project becomes a month or longer project. Truth be told, some of us still have yet to put the finishing touches on projects started months ago.

When watching people in a true life disaster preparedness along the Gulf Coast, I’m amazed, amused and then feel so sorry for people as I watch the lines at our home improvement stores when a Hurricane is reported to be headed in our direction. I don’t know how many times I have seen guys wheeling out a brand new generation while carrying a 2 gal gas can in the other hand. You get the picture, two gallons of gas won’t even fill the generator, plus it will only last about four hours and that is if the generator runs only at half the rated capacity.

Then follows the wife with kids in tow, she will have a 50’ light duty extension cord, a flashlight and some masking tape for the windows and a case of bottled drinking water. The husband and wife walk out feeling prepared to take on a full force hurricane.

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via American Preppers Network: Are we as prepared as we think we are?.

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