Occupy London’s Anger Over Police ‘Terrorism’ Document–Four Blue Hills Blog

I find the article below to be of great interest especially considering the S.1867 bill that was just passed allowing the military in the U.S. to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism.  Take a look at the article below to see how easy it would be to label an individual or group as a ‘terrorist’ and you begin to see the major issue with passing such a bill here in the U.S.  The article follows:

Police have angered Occupy London activists after listing the movement among terrorist groups in an advisory notice sent to the business community in the City.

The document issued by City of London police, headed “Terrorism/extremism update for the City of London business community”, included a detailed account of recent and upcoming Occupy London activities and was sent to “trusted partners” in the area.

Click the link below for the rest of the article….

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2 Responses to Occupy London’s Anger Over Police ‘Terrorism’ Document–Four Blue Hills Blog

  1. I saw the “terrorist” listing coming a mile away. The first clue was when they issued a quasi-emergency drill which would be used during the invasion of “Zombies” as the basis for being prepared in the event of a catastrophe.We saw the “Zombies” monitoring shoppers on Black Friday. Actually, the “Zombies” have been monitoring much longer than that-they just weren’t called “Zombies.” The terrorist claim depends upon whom you report back to, I suppose.

    The “Great Society” and all its trappings wasn’t nor will it be in the future a grand idea. “Model Cities” have a tendency to fuel the crony capitalism that the originators disdain.

    Soon they’ll be deemed a terrorist group here in America, too. It will take about as long as it took for the free education protests to start, I think.

    But, hey….there’s always those FEMA camps waiting on the sidelines-ready and willing to assist those not willing to “volunteer”- and make society a much better place.

    To London: We’re so sorry…Uncle Albert….

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