Pay Poor Children To Be Janitors

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3 Responses to Pay Poor Children To Be Janitors

  1. Mrs Jones says:

    How is firing the union janitors and replacing with kids going to solve anything that is wrong with this country. One of the problems is there aren’t enough jobs to go around and now you are going to add kids to the mix. Why don’t we just ship all the kids out to the farms to pick cotton and bring back all the textile mills and stick them in the sweatshops? Sounds like Newt wants America to return to 1916.

    • straydog01 says:

      I agree with you….hiring children to do work because they are disadvantaged or poor is the complete opposite approach that should be taken. The bigger issue is why are the schools so bad and why are they disadvantaged in the first place. He’s basically saying, ‘well your poor and don’t have a good chance at life so just enter the workforce and embrace the lowly position that you’ve been dealt in life’. I’m not against letting children work…I grew up working hard at an early age and I believe it helps to develop children as whole. But what he is talking about here is COMPLETELY different.

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