Gold, Silver, Oil give way to Dollar

Today, gold is off 4%, silver down 7%, and oil slides 4.25% as the dollar strengthens on Eurozone fears.  As the global economy continues on in turmoil the masses search for liquidity by turning to the dollar.  Unfortunately, this will be a short lived safe haven as people realize that the dollar is in just as much trouble as the euro. But, the fact is, until that realization the dollar is still a major player during this march toward economic collapse.  Take this new found strength that the dollar has and put it to good use….by purchasing gold, silver, oil, and other assets of real VALUE.  I have said it in the past, when these assets are down in price look at it as them being on sale.  When your favorite item is on sale, you don’t wait for it to go back up in price before you buy it.

Now is the best time that I have seen in a long time to make a decent sized purchase of silver and gold at a CONSIDERABLE discount.  As always, keep some capital on hand in the event that the prices go even lower.

This is a great BUY opportunity…..don’t let it pass you up.

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