Don’t Be Fooled, Gold Will Soar In 2012 – Seeking Alpha

I am now bullish on gold and silver based on gold’s current sell-off, the immediate incessant berating of the precious metal by pundits on CNBC and several other reasons. Silver is highly correlated to gold. In October 2008 the precious metal plummeted 18% and subsequently rebounded 23% over the next two months. I accurately predicted this move in an article I wrote on Aug 24th. The following is a brief description of gold’s current performance, my reasons why precious metals are a buy followed by my top seven precious metal picks.

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via Don’t Be Fooled, Gold Will Soar In 2012 – Seeking Alpha.

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One Response to Don’t Be Fooled, Gold Will Soar In 2012 – Seeking Alpha

  1. danielfee says:

    Do you expect stocks to go up significantly in 2012? If not, then why would you expect gold or silver to go up? For the past several years all of the markets, equities and commodities have been highly correlated. The only things moving inverse are the U.S. dollar index and tresury bonds. Look at how gold’s move in August 2011 followed the stock markets down. It has bounced with the equity markets, but the bounce was below the peak in July. July was a significant top for gold and the top was May 2 for equities. Both are head for much lower levels in 2012. Gold will hit $1300 long before it ever makes it over $2000. Silver has been even weaker and is ready to break below its prior low. Look for silver to go below $22. I expect to see the DJIA below 10,000 (maybe even lower) in the first half of 2012.

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