Ron Paul wins Minnesota and Iowa – Romney lollygags along as the media darling

Ron Paul has done it again! What has he done? Well, it is hard to believe he has done anything since it is not reported by the mainstream media, but watch out ladies and gentlemen Ron Paul has turned a corner that changed everything in the race for the Republican nomination since Rick Santorum stepped aside. According to, Minnesota’s RNC National Committeewoman tweeted, Ron Paul takes 20 of 24 Congressional District delegates to the Republican National Conventions from Minnesota.

Then a blog by Doug Wead which has a title that tells the whole story, Ron Paul Wins Iowa and Minnesota, Romney in a panic, puts the Ron Paul revolution in a strong position that may be difficult to slow down or even stop. While Mitt Romney lollygags along gaining complete control of the media, Ron Paul’s grassroot’s supporters diligently work like an army of ants carrying a load twice their size, doing the impossible, staying completely committed to liberty and fighting for Ron Paul. Whether it be sign waving, phone calling, winning delegate positions and standing firm, Dr. Paul’s people have not given up hope.

Their tenacity has paid off with a great reward since many American’s are not aware of the unity slates between Santorum and Paul to defeat the Mitt which pulled in quite a few delegates for Paul and Santorum together defeating the media darling, overall. What happens now that Rick Santorum suspended his campaign? You guessed it, Santorum delegates are transferring their allegiance over to Paul which gives him a great advantage over the wolf in Republican sheep’s clothing, Mitt Romney.

Delegate numbers for Ron Paul are rising, crowds are getting larger and you guessed it Ron Paul is beginning to see the finish line as his supporters continually chant, “President Paul! President Paul! President Paul!” It has been a crazy race, to say the least, but the tireless 76-year-old shows no sign of age as his volunteers pick up the slack all over the nation, pulling in more and more supporters to his team.

Meanwhile, an article by Business Wire less than two weeks ago is headlined, Ron Paul Only Candidate Able to Defeat Obama in New Poll. “Now that other candidates presenting themselves as the ‘conservative’ alternative to Mitt Romney have stepped aside, the numbers are clear. Ron Paul is the only conservative able to garner the enthusiasm, resources, and votes required to win in November. Voters perceive the contrast, and are ready to elect the candidate who will end the status quo and Restore America Now,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

On a personal note, just this week as I introduced myself to my new neighbor, the 70-something-year old man began ironically talking about politics and the current administration. Part way through his dialogue I interrupted him, fully expecting my comment to shut the door to our conversation, I said, “Well, I’m not your conventional political person, I support Ron Paul.”

“I’m a Ron Pauler too,” the ex-long-haul truck driver said with a growing grin across his face. Needless to say, we spent a great deal of time over the fence talking about civil liberties and the economy. It didn’t surprise me a bit when he said he was a veteran and loved Ron Paul’s foreign policy.

As we said our “Nice to meet you’s,” my new blue-collar neighbor got the final word in with, “It will be fun to live next door to a Ron Paul supporter.”

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via Ron Paul wins Minnesota and Iowa – Romney lollygags along as the media darling.

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  10. Dtm4u2 says:

    Ron Paul or no one America.

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