Ron Paul–Andrew Napolitano Ticket??

Republican hopeful Ron Paul continue his three-day town hall tour through Texas with a stop at UTEP.

KFOX14 sought your questions on Facebook and Twitter for the candidate:

Lauren Rozyla, Reporter: “Who you would choose as a running mate for vice president?”

Ron Paul: “Well I’ve thrown out a name. It’s premature to do that. You’re not supposed to talk like that. But the name that popped in my head was Andrew Napolitano. He’s a good friend of mine. I think he’s brilliant.”

Rozyla: “What could you or other candidates do to sway those middle of the road voters?”

Paul: “When you talk only to Republicans, my appeal is not as good as I’d like it to be. I think the real goal is not to compromise what you believe in, but believe in something that brings different groups together.”

Rozyla: “Who do you think are some future stars of the Republican party?”

Paul: “I don’t want to start naming names, because I’ll miss a few! But I do happen to have my son, who’s in the Senate!”

Rozyla: “We have a viewer named Richard who says, “What is he going to do about the Veteran Administration. The appointments are too slow for people with PTSD”

Paul: “As a physician, and a congressman, I know what they’re facing. it’s a mess. I want to save the resources and stop fighting all these wars that are undeclared and unwinnable. We need to bring our troops home.”

Rozyla: “If you do not secure this nomination, are you willing to get behind Governor Romney?

Paul: “That I haven’t decided yet.”

Paul said he and current Republican poll-leader Mitt Romney are actually close friends, but if he cannot secure the nomination, Paul said he is not sure if he can get behind Romney. This is due to their striking differences in foreign police, Paul said.

via Republican Ron Paul continues Texas tour by stopping at UTEP |

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