The Great Collapse of the US Empire by Jeff Berwick

The biggest story of the late 20th century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. After decades of a government controlled, centrally planned economy and outsized military expenditures the Soviet Union just one day ceased to be. Fast forward a few decades and now the biggest story about to happen in the early 21st century will be the collapse of the US empire for the exact same reasons.

The US economy has been centrally planned and manipulated by the communist fashioned central bank, the Federal Reserve, for 99 years now. But it wasn’t until August 15, 1971 that the last linkage of gold from the US dollar was removed and the US Government and the Federal Reserve were allowed to truly run rampant with their anti-capitalist economic system.

A look at US Government debt since the beginning of the 20th century tells the story:

Just like the Soviet Union the US has also bankrupted itself on offense. Sorry, they call it defense even though all they do is attack and occupy other countries. The US spends more than the rest of the world combined on its military and spends $2,374 per capita each year. The next nine closest countries in military spending per capita average $80 per annum.

Yet millions of US citizens will rise to their feet and cheer as military jets streak overhead literally burning their money in front of their eyes. “USA! USA! USA… is bankrupt”.

And, just like the Soviet Union, the US is destined to collapse. It is not an if… it’s only a when.


The collapse of the US sounds very dramatic to many people. That’s because the US has been the most dominant nation on Earth for the last century. It used to be the beacon of freedom and it attracted most of the world’s top talent and became the place to be for almost any endeavor. It was also a leader in free market economics until just a few decades ago.

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via The Great Collapse of the US Empire by Jeff Berwick.

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