Gold and Silver Pocket Guide — Buying Guide

-This guide folds to the size of a business card and fits nicely in your wallet, pocket, or purse. 
-This guide is designed to provide simplified formulas for calculating OFFERS for Gold and Silver. (Buyer’s Tool) 
-This tool is meant to save time and eliminate confusion when making an offer to purchase Gold and Silver. 
-This guide will eliminate numerous steps from calculating an OFFER TO PURCHASE and will make you look more professional.
-If you follow this guide you will be purchasing Gold and Silver in a price range that will maximize your potential profits.
-This guide also includes formulas for different price points above and below spot price.  
-I have included formulas for using FACE VALUE of coins as well as by WEIGHT.  There are formulas for 90%, Sterling (.925), and Gold.  

–I will include an information sheet to explain how the formulas were derived so that you understand EXACTLY how the math works.

This Pocket Guide is INDISPENSABLE for people going to estate/garage sales, buying scrap jewelry, buying silverware, buying “Junk Silver”, or just buying Gold and Silver in general.  

**The picture is of a prototype that was made with packing tape as the laminate.  This is not the actual Pocket Guide you will receive, yours will have actual laminate.  

**This is the guide that I use and have been successful in doing so.  However, people have different reasons and motivations for buying Gold and Silver and therefore there is no ‘one-size fits all’ formula.  That is why I made this pocket guide to help cover as many buying situations as possible and you can tweek the formulas to fit your buying style.  Click HERE to purchase.
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