Find “Almost” Free Gold at Thrift Shops & Yard Sales – Beginner Guide – Yahoo! Voices –

Gold Vienna Philharmonic

Gold Vienna Philharmonic (Photo credit: jamescapp02)

There was an old expression my teacher used to use when I was in grade school. That was immigrants came to the U.S. because they thought ‘the streets were lined with gold’. Actually they are! I have found 50 to 100 pounds of gold and almost a ton on silver In thrift shops, consignment shops, yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets over the last 22 years. It all started over two decades ago when I was at a flea market looking for the scarce American coins which sometimes turn up at those venues. However, you can’t expect to find a scarce or rare coin that is not priced very high. But coin collecting was my hobby so I looked anyway. One of the vendors had a basket with some old pennies, rings and other small items for 25 cents each. Well the pennies were not worth 25 cents but I noticed that four rings had a little stamp inside them which read ’14K’. I bought them and not thinking much about these finds, eventually showed them to the owner of a coin shop that I frequented. He offered to pay me $125 dollars for them. Wow! $125 for a $1 investment. This was obviously a very good thing. That was enough money for me to buy several scarce coins I wanted. It also started my new and much more profitable hobby of gold and silver finding. I soon found out that my grade school teacher was correct. Indeed ‘the streets are lined with gold’. via Find “Almost” Free Gold at Thrift Shops & Yard Sales – Beginner Guide – Yahoo! Voices –

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