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How to Buy a Gold; Silver Testing Kit – Yahoo! Voices – voices.yahoo.com

There are several things you need to buy to build a good gold and silver testing kit. This article looks at and coordinates with my previous 3 articles relating to how to find almost free gold and silver. A modest … Continue reading

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Oil Well Drilling

Oil well drilling has been the main means of producing oil ever since Colonel Drake drilled that first well in 1859, which signaled the start of the American petroleum industry. Drilling techniques and equipment have changed throughout the decades from … Continue reading

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Tax Advantages Of Oil Real Estate Part 2 « Black Gold Flow

Real estate investors love the 1031 exchange because it allows them to re-invest their profits without having to pay Uncle Sam.  A 1031 exchange allows an investor to sell one investment property, and re-invest their profits into another investment property … Continue reading

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Tax Advantages Of Oil Based Real Estate Investments Part 1 « Black Gold Flow

I will use this article to outline the major tax advantages of oil real estate investments.  If you want to learn more about oil real estate investments, click here. There are unique and specific tax credits available to people who … Continue reading

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Bond vs. Insurance | Lance Surety Bonds

Surety Bond vs Insurance What is the difference between being Bonded and Insured? With insurance, a person is required to pay an insurance premium to their insurance company which essentially transfers most (if not all) risk from the individual purchasing … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Play the Silver Rally – While Limiting Your Risks with Options

BY LARRY D. SPEARS, Contributing Writer, Money Morning With the global economy struggling to sustain even a modest recovery, the U.S. Federal Reserve pledging further quantitative easing if needed, and the dollar and several other leading currencies showing unrelenting weakness, … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff on the Economy, Entrepreneurs, and Expatriation

Related Articles They’re Bleeding Us Dry (lewrockwell.com)

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How Will USD Index Moving Lower Impact Gold Prices? | Markets | Minyanville.com

By Przemyslaw Radomski This is an excerpt from an article at Minyanville.com  The gist of the article is that precious metals are beginning to show signs of sympathizing with the USD and reacting inversely with the EURO.  Very interesting read.  For … Continue reading

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