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Rainwater Harvesting – Blogs at Chris Martenson

Water is essential to life, for we cannot exist without it. We are running short of fresh, clean water in many parts of the USA. That is also the case in many other countries. Those who live in the northeastern … Continue reading

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Selecting a Greenhouse – Blogs at Chris Martenson

One of the most important aspects of becoming self-sufficient is the ability to produce your own food. Many people begin small garden spaces in the backyard as a way to start out and then slowly expand their growing space and variety … Continue reading

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Growing Your Own Potatoes – Blogs at Chris Martenson

Why Grow Your Own Potatoes? We can improve resiliency, health, and quality of life by growing our own vegetables locally. Many of the vegetables commonly grown in backyard gardens, such as lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots ,are great sources of vitamins and … Continue reading

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How to Position Yourself for the Future: Step 1 – Financial Security –Chris Martenson

What we care about most here is helping people adjust and adapt — happily, profitably, and safely — to what is likely to be a very different future. Our framework centers on the idea that humanity is facing a set … Continue reading

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The New Price Era of Oil and Gold – Blogs at Chris Martenson

“If society consumed no energy, civilization would be worthless. It is only by consuming energy that civilization is able to maintain the activities that give it economic value. This means that if we ever start to run out of energy, … Continue reading

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Preparing for Economic Collapse – Blogs at Chris Martenson

“How can I prepare for an economic collapse?” is one of the most common questions I get. It usually takes me a second to start to explain how complex such a question is. It’s like asking an auto mechanic, “Say, … Continue reading

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The Crash Course — Understanding Our Nation’s Financial Situation

I just got finished watching a video series called “The Crash Course” by Chris Martenson.  The entire series is composed of 20 videos ranging from 5-20 minutes each, about 3 hours 23 minutes total.  The topic of the videos is … Continue reading

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