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The Great Collapse of the US Empire by Jeff Berwick

The biggest story of the late 20th century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. After decades of a government controlled, centrally planned economy and outsized military expenditures the Soviet Union just one day ceased to be. Fast forward a … Continue reading

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Is Gasoline Cheaper Than Water? by Dom Armentano

Think gasoline prices are historically high? Think that there is no competition in the petroleum industry? Think that the oil companies earn a “monopoly”profit selling gasoline? Well think again. When Ronald Regan took office in January of 1981, gasoline sold … Continue reading

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If I Wanted America To Fail…..

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Don’t Catch Recovery Fever by Peter Schiff

Gold has been holding steady in the the $1,600-$1,800 band since early October. This could be attributed to consolidation after last summer’s historic run up to $1,895, but I think this wait-and-see attitude reflects current market sentiment toward the US … Continue reading

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South Carolina Approves Gold and Silver as Money

Back in February, CNN reported on the growing allure of the “shiny new currencies made of silver and gold” as over a dozen states across the nation contemplated an alternative currency. Fast forward two months into present day and the … Continue reading

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If Gold Could Talk……

IF GOLD COULD TALK by Jeff Clark of Casey Research Have you ever had any doubts about gold? Does it sometimes feel like it should be performing better? Are you concerned about its volatility? Do you worry about how it might … Continue reading

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Daily Links 23 DEC 2011 — Post Americana

Iran’s war games could force US into aggression, oil prices could hit $500 Average 30-year mortgage rate a record 3.91 pct. Gasoline may rise above $4 as plants shut down The Anarchic Story of Christmas Silver Saver: Physical Gold and Silver … Continue reading

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Beware the Coming Bailouts of Europe

The economic establishment in this country has come to the conclusion that it is not a matter of “if” the United States must intervene in the bailout of the euro, but simply a question of “when” and “how”. Newspaper articles … Continue reading

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