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FreedomProject Education: In the Tradition of the Founders

FreedomProject Education, the educational arm of the American Opinion Foundation, responded to requests by parents and teachers to create a curriculum that provides “a classical education in the tradition of America’s Founders.” On September 6, the FreedomProject will be launching … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Ron Paul #11: Homeschooling

This article is dedicated to Dr. Ron Paul’s stance on homeschooling.  More info can be found at  RonPaul2012.com  This is #11 in a series that I am posting on here titled “Getting to Know Ron Paul”. HOMESCHOOLING CHAMPION Ron Paul believes … Continue reading

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Khan Academy–The Future of Education

The Khan Academy is what may very well be the future of education.  Founded by Salman Khan, a graduate of MIT, the website currently touts 2600+ educational videos, hosted on YouTube, ranging from basic arithmetic to more advanced studies like … Continue reading

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Tiger Moms and the Central Plan by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The hottest commentary of the year appeared in the Wall Street Journal: Why Chinese Mothers are Superior by Amy Chua. The story has 7,200 comments and counting, and every other outlet including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and … Continue reading

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Activist Post: A Journey to Unschooling

Unschooling is a term that John Holt coined in the 70s, after years of extensive research regarding how children learn and what was causing them to fail. He determined that totalitarian school pushes many children to fail via a fear … Continue reading

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Meltup –A documentary about Inflation and how it affects YOU!

This is a very well done documentary about inflation and what it means for the average American.  Very eye opening and informative.  It’s actually kind of scary to see how bad things are, but what is most scary is how … Continue reading

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