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Harvey Organ: Get Physical Gold & Silver! – Blogs at Chris Martenson

Harvey Organ has been analyzing the bullion markets closely for decades. The quality and accuracy of his work is respected enough to have earned him an invitation to testify before the CFTC on position limits for precious metals back in … Continue reading

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Geithner Should Resign as Treasury Secretary–NIA

Geithner Should Resign as Treasury Secretary The biggest headline in the news so far this week has been SP’s decision to downgrade their U.S. credit outlook to negative. After SP made their announcement, almost everybody in the mainstream media proclaimed … Continue reading

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FOFOA: Just Another Hyperinflation Post – Part 1

Hyperinflation talk has come to the forefront once again (thanks to a few recent articles), and being my #2 (of 2) topic here at FOFOA, I have a small but relevant offering for you. This is a compilation of a … Continue reading

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Meltup –A documentary about Inflation and how it affects YOU!

This is a very well done documentary about inflation and what it means for the average American.  Very eye opening and informative.  It’s actually kind of scary to see how bad things are, but what is most scary is how … Continue reading

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On More Stimulus Spending

By Dr. Ron Paul Faced with continuing economic decline and an impending election, the administration, predictably, is entertaining the idea of another stimulus package.  To explain why the last one didn’t work, adherents to the Keynesian economic philosophy are claiming that … Continue reading

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