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Silver Saver now has “Lifetime Loyalty Pricing”

Silver Saver has just introduced a “Lifetime Loyalty Pricing” schedule that is very attractive for long-term investors of gold and silver. See the email below that was mailed out by the company: Those who have accomplished genuine financial success realize … Continue reading

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Silver Coins at SPOT Price—No Premiums!!!

A Spot On Offer For Your First Purchase 2012 1 Oz Silver American Eagle Coins At The Spot Price Of Silver – No Premium! (Offer Expires Thursday, April 26) Some time ago, you opened an account with APMEX but have … Continue reading

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Why Governments Will Buy Silver – SilverSeek.com

Will governments buy silver? Over the last several months we have been pondering if governments will come into the silver market. Before we get into that, it is important to note that governments are very different animals and there are … Continue reading

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Buy Silver….Now! While it’s Cheap — The Daily Reckoning

12/08/11 Silver is an amazing metal…which is why it’s likely to soar over the coming years… You see, silver has more than 10,000 uses. It’s one of the world’s best conductors of heat and electricity. Inventors filed more patents on … Continue reading

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Save Your Nickels

I’ve often mused about how fun it would be to have a time machine and travel back to the early 1960s, and go on a pre-inflation shopping spree. In that era, most used cars were less than $800, and a … Continue reading

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Best Way To Invest In Oil: Buy Oil Wells

For the last couple of  years I have researched the best way to invest in oil.  I’m not talking about how to invest millions of dollars but how the average working man can invest in black gold.  From what I … Continue reading

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