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Online Library of Liberty

The Online Library of Liberty is divided into two sections, the Library and the Forum. The Library is where electronic versions of classic books about individual liberty are stored. These texts go back some 4,000 years and cover the disciplines of economics, history, law, literature, philosophy, political … Continue reading

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The Humble Libertarian: Liberty Studies Master Degree Now Available At University of Illinois!

Heres an awesome opportunity for a libertarian with a bachelors degree: You can now get your Masters Degree in Liberty Studies online from the University of Illinois at Springfield, which is ranked as the fourth best public masters university in … Continue reading

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The 30-Day Reading List That Will Lead You to Becoming a Knowledgeable Libertarian by Robert Wenzel

The list below will not make anyone a scholar in libertarianism or an expert in Austrian Economics, it is designed to introduce to the busy individual the essence of libertarianism. There are 30 articles listed below. If one reads one … Continue reading

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How to Reduce Taxes | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty

This article, excerpted from the July 1960 issue of The Freeman, is the fourth in a monthly series commemorating the 100th anniversary of Mr. Read’s birth. The cuneiform signs, as shown left, are copied from a clay cone now on … Continue reading

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If I Wanted America To Fail…..

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The Progressive Roots of Zoning | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty

Before the twentieth century land-use and housing disputes were largely dealt with through courts using the common-law principle of nuisance. In essence if your neighbor put a building, factory, or house on his property in a way that created a … Continue reading

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The Daily Bell – Adam Kokesh: Progression to a Freer Society Is Inevitable

Adam Kokesh has made a name for himself in libertarian circles by producing alternative, libertarian-oriented radio programs and YouTube videos. In November 2006, Adam Kokesh was honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps after his second activation as a reservist. … Continue reading

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Freedom in the 50 States | An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom

I found a study that ranks all 50 states based on FREEDOM.  The site explains the criteria used for ranking in detail and links to some pretty interesting facts about each state.  Below is the Executive Summary of the study. … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street | NYC Protest for American Revolution

Occupy Wall Street Marks One Month Posted Oct. 17, 2011, 8:20 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt Occupy Wall Street Marks One Month at Liberty Square Occupations Spread to Over 100 US Cities Movement For Economic Justice Gains Global Momentum Liberty Square, … Continue reading

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