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Silver Saver now has “Lifetime Loyalty Pricing”

Silver Saver has just introduced a “Lifetime Loyalty Pricing” schedule that is very attractive for long-term investors of gold and silver. See the email below that was mailed out by the company: Those who have accomplished genuine financial success realize … Continue reading

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Why Governments Will Buy Silver – SilverSeek.com

Will governments buy silver? Over the last several months we have been pondering if governments will come into the silver market. Before we get into that, it is important to note that governments are very different animals and there are … Continue reading

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Silver Market Update – SilverSeek.com

You can consider this Silver Market update to be gift wrapped. As I am unable to get presents to each and every reader this year for logistical reasons, these Gold and Silver Market updates are going to have to suffice, … Continue reading

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Best Places to Stretch a Weak Dollar

By Katrina Brown Hunt Remember the days when flashing a few greenbacks—even singles—made you look like a big shot overseas? Alas, those aren’t these days. In Western Europe, one euro costs you nearly $1.50, and in Great Britain, the pound now costs … Continue reading

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