Silver Saver now has “Lifetime Loyalty Pricing”


Silver Saver has just introduced a “Lifetime Loyalty Pricing” schedule that is very attractive for long-term investors of gold and silver. See the email below that was mailed out by the company:

Those who have accomplished genuine financial success realize a long-term approach to finance needs to be encouraged – not a risky, all-or-nothing gamble as many view it today, focusing on short-term transactions, and not on long-term wealth saving. We’re your partner over the long haul to help you build real wealth.

That’s why SilverSaver® is excited to announce Lifetime Loyalty Pricing™.

Every purchase you have made since our “doors” opened in 2008 counts towards your Lifetime Loyalty Pricing™. As you accumulate physical silver and gold you qualify for lower pricing, never returning to higher rates!

The key to financial success is to focus on a long-term plan – to have a strong vision for the future. SilverSaver® works with you to achieve that vision.

This is part of our mission to partner with millions of people to help them find lasting financial security.

Log in now to see your Lifetime Loyalty Pricing Rate™!

For more information or to open a Silver Saver account, please click here!!

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