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The Daily Bell – Instead of Zoning…What?

I have argued before why zoning laws are inconsistent with a free society’s principles, in particular with the principle of private property rights. Basically they amount to impositions by some people on others of conditions for using property that the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus – MarketWatch

LAKE JACKSON, Texas, Apr 29, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Supporters of 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul won yesterday’s Louisiana caucus, securing an overwhelming majority of winnable delegates to the June Republican state convention that will affect the weight of … Continue reading

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The Great Collapse of the US Empire by Jeff Berwick

The biggest story of the late 20th century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. After decades of a government controlled, centrally planned economy and outsized military expenditures the Soviet Union just one day ceased to be. Fast forward a … Continue reading

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Harvey Organ: Get Physical Gold & Silver! – Blogs at Chris Martenson

Harvey Organ has been analyzing the bullion markets closely for decades. The quality and accuracy of his work is respected enough to have earned him an invitation to testify before the CFTC on position limits for precious metals back in … Continue reading

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Vitamin K at Birth: To Inject or Not

Newborn infants routinely receive a vitamin K shot after birth in order to prevent (or slow) a rare problem of bleeding into the brain weeks after birth. Vitamin K promotes blood clotting. The fetus has low levels of vitamin K … Continue reading

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How to Reduce Taxes | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty

This article, excerpted from the July 1960 issue of The Freeman, is the fourth in a monthly series commemorating the 100th anniversary of Mr. Read’s birth. The cuneiform signs, as shown left, are copied from a clay cone now on … Continue reading

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The Daily Bell – Spain’s Collapse is No Little Thing

S&P cuts Spain’s credit rating by two notches to BBB+ … Standard & Poor’s cut Spain’s sovereign debt rating Thursday by two notches, warning that the government’s budget situation is worsening and that is likely to have to prop up … Continue reading

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Greek Central Banker Warns Of Greek Euro Exit

ATHENS (Dow Jones–Greece’s central bank governor Tuesday warned the country’s politicians that any deviation from strict austerity targets after May 6 general elections would risk forcing the country out of the 17-member euro currency bloc, even as the central bank … Continue reading

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Ron Paul–Andrew Napolitano Ticket??

Republican hopeful Ron Paul continue his three-day town hall tour through Texas with a stop at UTEP. KFOX14 sought your questions on Facebook and Twitter for the candidate: Lauren Rozyla, Reporter: “Who you would choose as a running mate for … Continue reading

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Is Gasoline Cheaper Than Water? by Dom Armentano

Think gasoline prices are historically high? Think that there is no competition in the petroleum industry? Think that the oil companies earn a “monopoly”profit selling gasoline? Well think again. When Ronald Regan took office in January of 1981, gasoline sold … Continue reading

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